Thursday November 21st, 2019

Level 1: $15  Level 2: $10
Student: $5  Member: $0

Founded by Dr. Carrol McLaughlin in 1978, HarpFusion has become one of the most creative and exciting ensembles on the international concert scene. Fascinated by the healing potential of harp music, Carrol did a research study in the Intensive Care Unit of the University of Arizona Medical Center, playing spontaneously improvised harp music at the bedside of patients following open heart and thoracic surgeries. Named for its unique fusion of many different styles and cultures, this highly innovative harp ensemble has gained international respect for its inspiring performances in Russia, Czech Republic, Japan, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, China, Korea, Switzerland, Spain, and Brazil. HarpFusion is well-renowned for performing arrangements and original compositions by group members, who are all students of the University of Arizona. Ensemble repertoire includes classical, jazz, new age, and folk music, as well as collaborations with FluteFinity and interdisciplinary projects.